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Peter Hagen

Peter Hagen  
  Title: Division Deputy Director
Division: Auke Bay Laboratories
Phone: (907) 789-6029
Address: Auke Bay Laboratories
Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute
17109 Pt. Lena Loop Road
Juneau, AK 99801

Current Activities
Pete oversees the operations and management program of the Auke Bay, Laboratories. In that capacity he assists AFSC leadership in implementing science planning and positioning the Auke Bay Lab to provide service to our constituents.

Pete began his career in fisheries by working in the seafood processing industry in the late 1970ís. Since then he has spent time as a commercial fisherman and private consultant, and worked for state, federal and international agencies. He completed his B.S. at the University of Washington and M.S. at the University of Alaska Juneau, and PhD. in the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, where his thesis work focused on early life history of Pacific Halibut. Pete started his graduate education under Dr. Ole Mathisen, who established a number of research initiatives in Alaska over a long career. Dr. Mathisen was a graduate student of Dr. William F.Thompson, who founded several international fish commissions, and helped establish the Fishery Research Institute at the University of Washington. Thompson himself was a student of David Starr Jordon, the founder of Stanford University and the first marine lab in the Pacific, who in turn was inspired and influenced by Dr. Louis Agassiz, the founder of Ichthyology. While Pete makes no claim to be a founder of anything and sees the importance of having a life outside the world of fish, he does see the value of taking a long term perspective and building upon 180 years of fisheries science in dealing with duties of his current position.

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