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Cindy Tribuzio

Cindy Tribuzio  
  Title: Fisheries Research Biologist
Division: Auke Bay Laboratories
Phone: (907) 789-6007
Address: Auke Bay Laboratories
Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute
17109 Pt. Lena Loop Road
Juneau, AK 99801

Current Activities
Cindy works in the Marine Ecology and Stock Assessment group. Much of her biological research is targeted at shark life history and ecology. She is currently working on projects investigating new methods for ageing spiny dogfish, tagging and movement of spiny dogfish and (with a colleague from the Genetics program) examining population genetics of Pacific sleeper sharks. Cindy also has worked on projects focused on reproductive life history, diet, endocrinology and population demography. Cindy is responsible for the stock assessments for both the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea/Aluetian Islands shark complexes and the Gulf of Alaska “other rockfish” complex. Her stock assessment work focuses on the data poor species which are generally not targeted by commercial fisheries. Cindy is also involved The Gills Club ) which is a non-profit group designed to engage young girls in science.

Cindy received her BS in Biology in 1998 from Central Washington University where she studied ecology and spent time conducting research at a research station in Chamela, Mexico. She went on to complete her MS in Fisheries at the University of Washington in 2004 where she studied reproductive physiology of spiny dogfish and salmon sharks. While at UW, she volunteered at the Seattle Aquarium and participated in six-gill shark studies. Following that, she moved to Juneau, Alaska to enroll in a PhD program at the Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks and completed her thesis in 2010, studying ecology and demography of spiny dogfish.

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