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Pribilof Islands Facilities - Vehicle Use Policy

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The ABL Facility Staff holds the keys to the NOAA vehicles at the NOAA Staff Quarters. It is not the position of the ABL Facility Staff to make policy over who can and who cannot use these vehicles. Alaska Region has a single GSA leased vehicle at the staff quarters that they have asked not be loaned out to any other entity. The NOAA trucks are at the facility to primarily support the research of Alaska Fisheries Science Center biologists. That is the priority. Four new vehicles have been purchased in the last eighteen months along with two older vehicles. The four F-250 and F-350 Crewcab Ford trucks are very distinctive looking with a full body armor of spray on bed liner applied. They are well known on the island as the "NOAA" vehicles at a glance. Visiting entities from other NOAA divisions, other federal agencies, and contractors who have it written into their service contract for the government to provide a vehicle, will be assigned one of the older vehicles first. If the older vehicles are not available, then the new vehicles will be available for use by authorized entities.

All attempts will be made to provide a vehicle with a full tank of fuel. Users will be expected to return the vehicle with the tank full. During the winter months, no vehicle should be stowed with less than 1/2 tank of fuel. Check all fluid levels and mileage recorded upon each re-fueling. Any damage done to the vehicle must be reported. The user's division or agency will receive a request for funds to repair any documented damage. To protect the environment, never operate vehicles on the tundra or off the trail or road system, under any circumstances. Clean the interior of the vehicle once a week and upon departure.

Please complete a 360 degree inspection and check the fluid levels of vehicles prior to use. Strong, gusty winds cause significant door damage to all vehicles in the Pribilofs. Always consider wind direction when parking and whenever practical park INTO the wind. Driving statistics demonstrate, and the Pribilof experiences confirm, that operating vehicles in reverse is the most risky driving action per distance or time traveled. Please use a back-up partner when operating in reverse or avoid reverse, whenever practical.

It is the responsibility of the entity who borrows the vehicle to ensure that all personnel using the vehicle have valid driver's license and have completed the appropriate drivers safety courses required by their agency. All NOAA personnel are required to have completed the NSC Defensive Driving Course. Completion of required safety courses will NOT be verified by ABL Facility Staff.

In the event of mechanical or operational problems with a vehicle, contact the on-island caretaker or the Facilities Manager (John Cooper) in Juneau immediately so that the problem may be assessed and taken care of. If a vehicle is damaged, please fill out the accident report located in the glove box, and notify John Cooper immediately or (907) 789-6632.


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