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Pribilof Islands Facilities - Network / IT Use Policy

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Guests at the staff quarters and laboratory on St. George and/or St. Paul Islands, must understand and agree to the following policy before using the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) computer network.


  • Guest: A person temporarily lodging in the St. Paul or St. George staff quarters and/or using the St. Paul lab.
  • NOAA Network: The NOAA-owned computer network provided to guests on St. Paul and St. George Islands for connecting to the Internet. Network access can be either wired or wireless.
  • Personal Use: An activity that is conducted for purposes other than accomplishing official or otherwise authorized activity.

Network Fitness
There is NO guarantee to the reliability, availability, compatibility, or usability of the NOAA network. The network is provided as a courtesy to guests.

The caretakers at St. Paul and St. George will provide guests with an SSID and password needed to gain access to the NOAA network. The SSID/password will be closely guarded by all guests to prevent release to non-guests. The caretakers will provide generic written instructions for configuring a computer to connect to the network. The instructions may or may not be applicable to, or effective with, a guest's computer.

If guests need any help with connecting to, or troubleshooting, the NOAA network, and they are Alaska Fisheries Science staff, then they should contact the Alaska Fisheries Science Center IT helpdesk.

If guests any need help with connecting to, or troubleshooting, the NOAA network, and they are NOT Alaska Fisheries Science Center staff, then they should contact their IT support staff, NOT the Alaska Fisheries Science Center IT helpdesk. This applies to all NOAA Fisheries staff, including the Office of Law Enforcement and the Alaska Regional Office. Alaska Fisheries Science Center IT support is only familiar with, and therefore can only support, IT equipment configured and provided to Alaska Fisheries Science Center staff.

Authorized Network Use
Use the NOAA network is provided to accomplish job responsibilities and to further NOAA's mission. Authorized use includes:

  • Communicating with fellow members of a committee in a professional organization;
  • Collaborating on articles and other writings;
  • Transferring the full text of un-copyrighted manuals, documentation, or self-teaching workbooks;
  • Connecting to resources that provide information relating to career and educational opportunities;
  • Reading electronic mail discussion groups on professional or future career development topics;
  • Conducting research concerning information, products, or services in support of NOAA's mission; and
  • Using office printers for personal Internet and e-mail provided the use does not consume excessive resources.

Personal Internet Use
The NOAA network is to be used for authorized purposes only, i.e., use must be in the official interest of NOAA and related to employees' assigned duties, except as noted below. NOAA personnel may use the Internet for non-official use (Internet searches, e-mail, etc.) provided:

  • Use does not adversely affect the employee's performance or accomplishment of the NOAA mission;
  • Use is during non-working hours; and
  • Use does not reflect adversely on NOAA or Department of Commerce, e.g., does not result in any appearance of impropriety or unnecessary costs to the Federal Government.

Misuse and Inappropriate Personal Use of NOAA Networks
Misuse or inappropriate personal use of the NOAA network during work and staff non-work time includes:

  • Any personal use that could cause congestion, delay, or disruption of service to the NOAA network, such as viewing, downloading, or storing greeting cards, video, sound, or other large files sent to the recipient as an e-mail attachment or using software that facilitates streaming download, such as listening to radio broadcasts or downloading illegal copies of music or video.
  • Using the NOAA network as a staging ground or platform to gain unauthorized access to other systems.
  • The creation, copying, transmission, or retransmission of chain letters regardless of the subject matter. A chain letter is defined as a document sent to several persons asking or instructing each person to send copies of the letter to an equal or greater number of persons.
  • Using the NOAA network to engage in activities that are illegal, inappropriate, or offensive to fellow staff or the public. Such activities include, but are not limited to, creating, downloading, viewing, storing, copying, or transmitting material that ridicules others on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation. Violations will be interpreted in accordance with relevant statute, executive order, regulation, and case law.
  • Creating, downloading, viewing, storing, copying, or transmitting sexually explicit or sexually oriented materials. Violations will be interpreted in accordance with relevant statute, executive order, regulation, and case law.
  • Engaging in any activity prohibited by law or regulation, including illegal gambling, weapons, or terrorist activities.
  • Using the NOAA network for outside employment or business activity (e.g., consulting for pay, sales, or administration of business transactions, sale of goods or services, or the performance of other duties for an employer), or for other commercial purposes.
  • Soliciting funds or the sale of items as part of a private fundraising activity, unless authorized by Office of Personnel Management regulations (5 CFR Part 950) and the Standards of Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch (5 CFR Part 2635).
  • Using the NOAA network to transmit a personal endorsement of any product, service, or enterprise (including professional organizations).
  • Using the NOAA network to engage in any private lobbying activity, or to engage in any political activity prohibited by the Hatch Act.
  • Any use of the NOAA network that could generate more than minimal additional expense to NOAA.
  • The intentional unauthorized acquisition, use, reproduction, transmission, or distribution of any controlled information including computer software and data, that includes privacy information, copyrighted, trademarked or material with other intellectual property rights (beyond fair use), proprietary data, or export controlled software or data.
  • Attempting to modify or crash NOAA's network or any computer system.

Prohibited Activities
At all times (during working or non-working hours), prohibited activities include:

  • Operating a private or commercial business with the use of the NOAA network;
  • Conducting activities directed toward the success or failure of a political party, candidate, or political group;
  • Using Internet sites that result in an additional charge to the Government; engaging in prohibited discriminatory conduct;
  • Obtaining or viewing sexually explicit material;
  • Engaging in any activity that would discredit NOAA, disrupt the workplace, or violate the public trust; or
  • Violating any statute or regulation.
  • Engaging in deliberate activities that recklessly overload network resources, such as downloading large files for personal use. Such files consume too much bandwidth on network servers, thereby limiting or denying service to other users.
  • Modifying the NOAA network in any way.

Monitoring and Disclosure
Any use of government communications resources is made with the understanding that such use is generally not secure, is not private, and is not anonymous. System managers employ monitoring tools to detect improper use. Electronic communications may be disclosed within the Department to employees who have a need to know in the performance of their duties. NOAA management officials may access any electronic communications.

Reporting Misuse
Guests must report instances of misuse or inappropriate use of NOAA networks to the Alaska Fisheries Science Center Office of Fisheries Informations supervisor (Amy Jake). Supervisors and management officials must notify the Office of Fisheries Information SyssOFIS of significant instances of misuse or inappropriate use of NOAA networks for investigation and coordination with other law enforcement officials and other offices, as appropriate. OFIS will in turn notify all other involved parties like Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and the NOAA Fisheries Chief Information Officer (CIO).

All guests who misuse the NOAA network may be subject to criminal prosecution, and Federal employees may be subject to administrative disciplinary action, including reprimand, suspension from duty without pay, or removal from their position and Federal employment.


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