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The MESA program produces eleven stock assessment fishery evaluation (SAFE) documents for the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council (NPFMC) annually.

In addition to the requirements of annual stock assessments, authors conduct new theoretical and field research that is often published in journals or included as appendices to the SAFE documents and presented to the Groundfish Plan Teams, Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC), and the NPFMC for consideration and feedback. The species that are assessed by MESA include:

  • Alaska sablefish
  • Gulf of Alaska Rockfish (Sebastes spp. and Sebastolobus spp.)
    • Pacific ocean perch (S. alutus)
    • Northern rockfish (S. polyspinis)
    • Dusky rockfish (S. variabilis)
    • Rougheye rockfish (S. aleutianus, S. melanostictus)
    • Shortraker (S. borealis)
    • Thornyhead rockfish (Sebastolobus alascanus and S. altivelis)
    • Other rockfish (includes sharpchin rockfish [S. zacentrus], redstripe rockfish [S. proriger], harlequin rockfish [S. variegatus], silvergray rockfish [S. brevispinis], redbanded rockfish [S. babcocki], yellowmouth rockfish [S. reedi], bocaccio [S. paucispinis], greenstriped rockfish [S. elongatus], darkblotched rockfish [S. crameri], pygmy rockfish [S. wilsoni], splitnose rockfish [S. diploproa], blackgill rockfish [S. melanostomus], chilipepper [S. goodei], stripetail rockfish [S. saxicola], vermilion rockfish [S. miniatus], and northern rockfish [S. polyspinis, eastern Gulf of Alaska only])
  • Alaskan grenadier (Family: Macrouridae)
  • Gulf of Alaska & Bering Sea Aleutian Islands sharks (Order: Chondrichthyes)

AFSC sablefish longline survey
Trawl net
AFSC sablefish longline survey.
NMFS bottom trawl survey rockfish haul.

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