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MESA: Pacific Ocean Perch Nutrition & Value

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Head-and-gutted Pacific ocean perch in flash freezer trays
Head-and-gutted Pacific ocean perch in flash freezer trays.
Flash frozen Pacific ocean perch
Flash frozen Pacific ocean perch.

Like other rockfishes, Pacific ocean perch (POP) is a lean fish with a snowy white flaky flesh. It is available fresh and frozen in a variety of product forms.

Head-and-gutted and flash frozen in large quantities, POP have garnered a relatively low ex-vessel price (~ $0.15/lb) for an all-Alaska value of about $15 million and $33 million for all rockfish combined. In commodity trading, POP have recently traded between $550 and $950 per metric ton. The Central Gulf of Alaska Rockfish Program rationalized the POP fishery in order to spread the fishery in space and time and provide for better market conditions through cooperative agreements with processors. This program was extended for ten years in 2012.

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