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MESA Archives: Aleutian Islands Deep Water Corals Cruise, July 25, 2004 (evening)

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Part I: Just started, and already changing course! By science reporter Sonya Senkowsky.
Part II: Jason's first dive. By Sonya Senkowsky.

  Jason 2
The Jason II team lowers the remotely operated research vehicle into Alaska waters Sunday evening.  Photo courtesy of Gene Yogodzinski.

Jason's First Dive

Location:  South of Amlia Island in the Aleutian Island chain.

Jason II made its first dive today in calm waters and under an uncharacteristically clear sky. The device was lowered into the water by crane, and is then controlled by a pilot in a control "van" aboard the ship. Fishery biologist Bob Stone of NOAA-Fisheries led the pilot in obtaining the cruise's first coral samples shortly after the vehicle touched bottom, at a depth greater than 2000 meters.

Jason pilot Chris Taylor will use the submersible's robotic sampling arm to retrieve coral from the ocean floor.

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