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Data Sets
Aerial ShoreZone image, Prince William Sound, AK
Aerial ShoreZone image, Prince William Sound, AK
Beach seining in Sitka Sound, AK
Beach seining in Sitka Sound, AK
Identifying marine life in kelp bioband, Kodiak, AK
Identifying marine life in kelp bioband, Kodiak, AK

Through partnerships with other agencies and organizations, our goal is to image and habitat map all of Alaska’s coastline and make the information available to the public online. This information is invaluable to: oil spill planning and response, understanding essential fish habitat, assessing coastal resources, development and hazards, aiding issues with marine debris, and many more applications.

The ShoreZone mapping system has been in use since the early 1980s. This standardized system catalogs both geomorphic and biological resources at mapping scales of better than 1:10,000. The high resolution, attribute rich dataset is a useful tool for extrapolation of site data over broad spatial ranges and creating a variety of habitat models. Low-tide-oblique aerial imagery sets this system apart from other mapping efforts. You can "fly the coastline" (video), view still photos, and access biophysical data using our web enabled GIS site online.

The Alaska ShoreZone dataset is expanding as new locations are imaged and mapped each year. Also, this data is linked to the complementary datasets Nearshore Fish Atlas and Shore Stations.

Nearshore Fish Atlas: This web-based Atlas provides information on the distribution, relative abundance, and habitat use of nearshore fishes in Alaska. Using a beach seine as the primary sampling method, we have documented over 100 fish species in a variety of nearshore habitats in an effort to identify Essential Fish Habitat (EFH).

Shore Stations: The web-posted Alaska Shore Station Database is a compilation of hundreds of intertidal sites that were visited and evaluated throughout the coastal waters of Alaska. At each station attempts were made to document all observed species and their assemblages, geomorphic features, measurements of beach length and slope, and gather photographic examples. This data set provides qualitative information for resolving regional differences mapping by ShoreZone.

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