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Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Posters

The 10th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill (EVOS) was sponsored by the EVOS Trustee Council to present the results of 10 years of Federal and state research on the effects of the 1989 spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska. The results of several important ABL studies were presented. The research was critical to answering questions concerning long-term persistence of oil, toxicity effects of concentrations at parts-per-billion (not parts-per-million as previously assumed), and sensitivity to oil at different life stages of marine organisms in Prince William Sound.

The results of the ABL studies are relevant not only to Alaska and Prince William Sound, but also to other areas where chronic oil discharges (such as parking lot run-off) can enter water bodies that provide habitat for vulnerable life stages of aquatic organisms. Because they could lead to regulatory changes, these studies have national significance and have attracted national attention from both the media and scientists.

Click on thumbnail images below to view.      ( * = new 2000 posters! )

thumbnail image of 10yrview.jpg (381651 bytes)
Pink Salmon Synthesis *
thumbnail image of pstxpstr.jpg (236566 bytes)
Pink Salmon Eggs
and PAH *
thumbnail image of seatak.jpg (310643 bytes)
Pink Salmon Eggs
in Oiled Substrate
thumbnail image of straying.jpg (337746 bytes)
Pink Salmon

thumbnail image of ApexPstr.jpg (324809 bytes)
Forage Fish *

thumbnail image of fdietpst.jpg (545178 bytes)
Forage Fish Diet Overlap *

thumbnail image of dietpstr.jpg (274323 bytes)  
Forage Fish Diets *

thumbnail image of dbasPstr.jpg (270703 bytes)
Hydrocarbon Database *

thumbnail image of MbedPstr.jpg (296588 bytes)
Oiled Mussel Bed Restoration *

thumbnail image of pristane.jpg (313816 bytes)
Pristane in Mussels

thumbnail image of Musspstr.jpg (318948 bytes)
Mussels and Predation

thumbnail image of hering.jpg (217837 bytes)
Herring and Oil

thumbnail image of ShmpPstr.jpg (285347 bytes)
Spot Shrimp
in PWS *

thumbnail image of FatPstr.jpg (275336 bytes)
Lipids and Diet *

thumbnail image of PShabit.jpg (402603 bytes)
Oiling of Spawning Habitat

thumbnail image of Chenega.jpg (437944 bytes)
Beach Clean-up


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