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Kodiak Laboratory

[Photo  Chris Arend 1999; KFRC from water side with mountain background,thkirc6.jpg]

[Reproductive Dynamics and Life History of Snow Crab in the Eastern Bering Sea, thbsnetreel.jpg]

The Kodiak Laboratory in the Kodiak Fisheries Research Center (KFRC) is now the primary facility for the Alaska Fisheries Science Center's (AFSC) RACE Shellfish Assessment Program. The KFRC facility also provides offices and research support for other NOAA Fisheries (NMFS) program activities including: RACE Groundfish Assessment Program, North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program, National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Alaska Regional Office, Sustainable Fisheries.

Visitors can appreciate the Kodiak Fisheries Research Center's 25,000 square-foot complex, which includes office space, conference rooms, an interpretive center, a running seawater laboratory, conventional laboratories, a freestanding aquarium, a touch tank, and a research library. The Kodiak Laboratory Picture Gallery highlights some of the species contained in the touch tank and freestanding aquarium. An extensive museum collection at the facility contains the regions most common species of crabs, shrimps, marine snails, bivalves, and a variety of fishes. More on facilities...

See our list of regional links for information about Kodiak Lab affiliations and community services/information.

Watch Kodiak Crab Divers and Hatchery Red King Crab:
The Student Award-Winning Video on Vimeo!

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