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PDF file At-Sea Safety Manual

The staff of the RACE Groundfish Program conducts fieldwork in a potentially dangerous environment: on small vessels floating in a very cold ocean. Working closely together in the field, we naturally develop relationships where we depend on each other to get our jobs done. This mutual dependency also leads us to care about each other's welfare. This At-Sea Safety Manual, developed by the Groundfish Program's Safety Committee, will help all of us protect each other and ourselves from injury while working in this inhospitable environment. The manual identifies unsafe situations and practices that we face in our everyday field activities. Rules and strategies have been devised to minimize the dangers they present.

PDF file ADP Code Book

The data codes in this code book are a current summary of codes listed in the RACE Division's central data processing system code file.

PDF file Species Code Book

This species code book lists codes used for fish and invertebrates identified in RACE Division surveys. It is not a comprehensive list of all taxa potentially available to the surveys nor a hierarchical taxonomic key. It is a linear listing of codes applied to individual catch records.


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