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FMA Observer Training Schedule

Listed below is the Seattle and Anchorage Observer Training Schedule for February - June.

  Date(s)   Training Type   Location
  February 22 - March 11   3-week training   Seattle
  February 29-March 3   4-day briefing   Seattle
  March 1-4   4-day briefing   Seattle
  March 3   1-day briefing   Seattle
  March 10   1-day briefing   Seattle
  March 17   1-day briefing   Seattle
  March 24   1-day briefing   Seattle
  March 21-April 8   3-week training   Seattle
  March 28-31   4-day briefing   Seattle
  March 31   1-day briefing   Seattle
  April 7   1-day briefing   Seattle
  April 14   1-day briefing   Seattle
  April 18-21   4-day briefing   Seattle
  April 21   1-day briefing   Seattle
  April 28   1-day briefing   Seattle
  May 5   1-day briefing   Seattle
  May 9-27   3-week training   Seattle
  May 12   1-day briefing   Seattle
  May 16-19   4-day briefing   Seattle
  May 19   1-day briefing   Seattle
  May 26   1-day briefing   Seattle
  May 31-June 3   4-day briefing   Seattle
  June 6-24   3-week training   Seattle

2-day briefings are available in conjunction with any 1-day with notification of 5 business days.

1 and 2-day briefings schedule in Anchorage upon request with notification of 5 business days

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